Bernard Harv Harvey is an American music producer, composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California that has produced highly acclaimed work for major recording artists such as Justin Bieber, Sevyn Streeter, Juke Ross, Cherish, Omarion, Gucci Mane and Eminem. Harv was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. He was introduced to the musical arts at the young age of nine, and began playing the bass by age twelve. Harv attended J.C. Harmon High School where his love for music elevated joining the marching band, jazz band and playing different types of music all around the city. Throughout his life he was taught to play the piano, guitar, drums, trombone, and even the tuba. Yet, Harv is best known for his mastery of the bass. In 2003, Harv’s exceptional talent on the bass became recognized on a merit-based level and landed him a scholarship at Alabama State University where he obtained a degree in Music Technology. He began playing in church and local bands ultimately sharpening his musical ear, which led him to expanding his interest in production. With music flowing in his blood he was enticed with the aspects of production and decided to capitalize on his talents in Atlanta, Georgia working day in and day out on compositions. As Harv began making connections in Atlanta in 2007, he quickly established a friendship with Grammy-winning producer Shondrae Bangladesh Crawford. Harv played bass guitar on a few major placements produced by his friend Bangladesh such as Lemonade by Gucci and A Kiss by Eminem. In 2010, Harv hit the road playing the bass for Scooter Braun’s artist, Justin Bieber. After catching wind that Harv also produced music, Scooter expressed his interest in signing Harv as a producer to publishing company Sheba Publishing. Harv signed his first publishing deal with Sheba and Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) in 2011 and is continually building his catalog and growing his production company. Harv produced 3 songs on Justin Biebers new album Changes. Available, At Least For Now & Forever ft Post Malone and Clever. more coming soon..